Is eco-living all kale smoothies and reusable straws? Not quite!

Feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to live a perfectly eco-friendly life? Ditch the guilt and join us for a fun, down-to-earth workshop on Realistic Sustainability!

We’ll clear the air (pun intended!) on the myths and misconceptions surrounding eco-living. Forget perfection. Instead, we’ll show you how small, achievable changes you can make in your daily routine can create a BIG impact on the planet over time.

Think of this workshop as your guide to everyday green living. We’ll help you find hidden eco-benefits in the things you already do, share actionable tips to shrink your footprint, and give you the knowledge and confidence to lead a sustainable lifestyle that works for YOU. Walk away feeling empowered, not exhausted, and ready to make a difference, one step at a time.

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Alotta Giver

Event Manager