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what we do

We connect Charities with Volunteers and Donors to make them limitless.

Charities - Recruit, engage & retain volunteers
Volunteers - Find the right opportunities for you
Businesses - Help your neighborhoods thrive
Corporates - Take the jargon out of CSR
Get rewarded for helping the community
How we do it

We're building an ecosystem
that fosters circular humanity.

Volunteer Management
Volunteer Management

Recruit and retain the right candidates

Donor Management
Donor Management

Track the impact of your donations

Tailored Rewards

Get discounts at your local stores

Impact Community

Amplify awareness around your cause

Why We Do IT

We're on a mission to empower everyone to do more good.

At its core is Circular Humanity – inspired by the balance found in nature. Just as nature thrives when all its elements work together, we envision an ecosystem where charities are connected to resources that collectively maximize social impact.

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